West Coast Responds to Biggie Autopsy Report with Even More Gruesome Tupac Death Details

LAS VEGAS—In an attempt to reignite the dormant nineties East Coast-West Coast rap feud, Tupac Shakur's posthumous autopsy report has finally been released to prove that his death was much more horrific and tragic than the recently leaked Notorious B.I.G. post-mortem examination. 

According to the Las Vegas County Department Coroner's 47 page report, Tupac received dozens of gunshot wounds all over his body which were all more severe and badass than the ones indicated in Biggie's autopsy. 

"It's probably the most brutal autopsy I've ever seen" a west coast coronary expert told SuperWhizBang! about the Shakur report, "the way the final bullet got stuck in his throat and cut off his ability to breath causing him to gasp for his last few breaths is probably the most raw and real medical information I've ever read."

The autopsy is already being touted as "the greatest hip-hop death report of all-time" by Tupac's west coast friends and connections, many of whom have spoken out against the Biggie autopsy.

According to former Death Row Records CEO, Suge Knight, Biggie's new death details "don't have shit" on Tupac's and that his clean toxicology screen proves that the East Coast is no where near as gangster as the West.  

"You know, Pac's report at least showed that he had some weed and shit in him" Knight commented, "Biggie was completely sober when he got killed man, I mean, come on... what kind of a way is that to die?"

Although both sides have been going at each another pretty hard in the autopsy beef, it isn't expected to escalate like the 90's feud did, as reports indicate that Tupac and Biggie's holograms have already made plans to do a show together next month. 


  1. This is fake. He was hit 3 times. Once in the hand, once in the leg/hip and once in the side. The bullet that hit his hip ricocheted.the real autopsy report diagram is fairly easily found. As are interviews with his Dr's from the time.

    1. 100% Real Fake News!
      It's literally in the banner.