Local Man Tattoos Family Crest on Bicep as a Tribute to Being Totally Jacked

YOUR REGION—After careful thought and deliberation, a local man has decided to make a permanent mark in honour of his own ripped body by tattooing his family crest on his sweet, toned right bicep.

The tat belongs to Tom McElroy, a 22 year old worker at a nearby factory, who says that he got the tattoo only a week after the death of his grandfather, when he finally reached his target weight of 215 pounds. 

"It's really something I've always wanted to do" Tom explained, looking back (at himself in a full-length mirror), "there is nothing in this world that's more important to me than my arms, and I'm extremely proud that I could find a symbol that showcases just how wide they are."

Although Tom is sceptical about ever finding another tattoo design with as much significance as this one, he does have plans for a detailed portrait of the crucifixion of Christ on his chest, as a constant reminder of how he is able to make his pecs dance.  

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  1. Anonymous7/3/13

    You do realize this is photoshopped right? Thats not an actual picture just a crest edited onto the image?