LeBron James Abandons Team USA; Takes his Talents to North Korea

LONDONLess than three years after breaking the hearts of Cleveland Sports fans, LeBron James has once again made a controversial move, on an even larger scale, by leaving the United States National Team to sign a lifetime contract to play for the nation of North Korea.

The acquisition of LeBron is said to be the first in North Korean dictator and avid basketball enthusiast Kim-Jong Un’s plan to build their national basketball program into winners.

With less than a week to go until the 2012 Olympics, James made the announcement through his twitter account yesterday night after he was mysteriously absent from Team USA’s practice earlier that day.  

The tweet, which was received by his over 3 million followers worldwide read: “going to basketball in Pyongyang, long live the glorious nation of North Korea”.

Although the wording of the message has caused many to be skeptical about the legitimacy of LeBron’s move and some to suspect a kidnapping situation, experts have determined that the grammar is definitely on par with LeBron’s normal tweets.

His USA teammates, perplexed at why the superstar would suddenly leave the clear Olympic favorites to join a country who aren’t even in the competition not to mention give up his American citizenship to move to an enemy state, have expressed shock over the situation.

“It’s just not in his nature to abandon a team and its fans so quietly” remarked all-star guard Dwayne Wade “I would’ve expected him to at least have made his decision into a national television event.”

Despite the news, Team USA still remains optimistic about their chances in London and are desperately trying to decide which NBA superstar will replace LeBron at the small forward position.

 As for LeBron, he is expected to make his first public appearance in North Korea later this week at the Supreme Leader’s Address to the Nation. Reports indicate that the city of Pyongyang is buzzing with state mandated excitement.  

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