Experts Predict that Podcasts will Replace Radio as Thing No One Listens To

TORONTOAfter extensive research, experts in the field of communication are confident that by this time next year podcasts, not the radio, will be the number one form of media that no one pays attention to.

The research comes from a study based on the work of Marshall McLuhan, in which people we’re asked to name the forms of media they were aware of and the ones they used. As less people are still aware radio even exists, podcast were found to be the most ignored.

I'm not surprised”, commented one of the researchers, Professor Jim David, an expert in overlooked media, “I remember I used to listen to podcasts but now there are too many of them... I’m still subscribed to a bunch on iTunes but I haven’t really figured out how to get them on my iPod. I know it’s probably not very hard,” he admitted, “but I’d rather listen to music anyways.”

Those in the podcast industry remain unfazed by the findings, which have been published in several newspapers across North America. The same group of researchers are currently conducting a follow-up study in order to determine whether Newspapers have in fact replaced the Bible as the thing people don’t actually read.      
A version of this article appeared in Simon Fraser University's Student Newspaper The Peak on 03/05/2012:

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