Democracy Finally Receives Approval from Celebrities

HOLLYWOOD—In an historic moment for the fate of democracy in the United States of America, several prominent celebrities have officially announced their approval for their country's form of government.

Despite being one of the founding principles of the country, Democracy has never fully been accepted in the United States with only 2/3rds of the population taking part in the voting process, a problem which should no longer exist now that Joseph Gordon Levitt and Selena Gomez have given the Democratic Voting Process their approval.

Stars ranging from Leonardo DeCaprio to Jonah Hill have all given Democracy their full endorsement and are reportedly not only allowing but encouraging even the most average of US citizens to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Their approval for Democracy was released in the form of a series of social media videos which is apparently both "the least we can do" as well as "the least they could do". The videos reportedly not only help explain to the American public how they can register to vote but also why its actually important that they do so this time. 

The campaign is expected to bring in millions of new voters who are all surely going to be totally knowledgeable and well-informed voters after only deciding to vote because Zac Efron told them to.   

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