Giant, Intricate Lego Sculpture Moderately Impresses Locals

YOUR REGION—Standing over 300 feet tall and composed of over 50,000 individual Lego bricks, an amazingly intricate and awe-inspiringly detailed sculpture of an Egyptian Pharaoh at a local park has received several somewhat-impressed glances and shrugs from the local public since it was unveiled last week. 

"It's kind of cool, I guess" commented one local resident, "I can see how it would take a long time to build and probably took a fair amount of skill but... I don't know..." 

The response to the Lego sculpture has been mixed across the community from those who think it's "pretty neat" to those who descried it as "alright".

"I guess it'd be really impressive if you we're into that kinda thing" is one of the most common reactions noted across the community although not a single resident acknowledged in fact being "into that kinda thing". 

The sculpture's creator, a hobbyist from the region, has expressed his content at the lukewarm response stating that it's exactly the response he expected. 

"If I can get a couple people to glance at my work then I've done my job" explained hobbyist, Tim Peters, "Sure, I dedicated the last three years of my life to building it, but as soon as I finished it I realized it wasn't really that exciting.... I mean it's good but... I don't know, it's nothing you're going to care to look at more than once." 

According to the local parks department, the statue is expected to remain standing for years to come in order to hopefully moderately impress generations to come.

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