Local Man is Still Not a Celebrity Despite Full Afternoon of Googling his Own Name

YOUR REGION—A local man is baffled that he still isn't a celebrity even after spending his entire afternoon at work Googling his own name.

"I don't understand, I must have done something in my life that would have made me at least a little famous" the man asked himself puzzled. "I have a Facebook page, a twitter, a Tumblr and even a MySpace page and none of those even appear until the tenth page..."

Reportedly the man also can't understand how so many other people with his exact name are so famous.

"How can their be so many animators with my exact name who are all so much popular than me..." the man struggled to comprehend. "My name's not even that common, how could there be seven separate organic gardeners with more of a web presence than me?"

Although the man scrolled over 53 pages in his search of his own name, he couldn't find even an inkling of fame. 

"It's really made me think" the man explained, reflecting on his life. " Maybe I should just be more satisfied with my life and not care about something as stupid as being famous, I mean who really cares about something so juvenile as—wait,  I wonder if anything comes up for my name on Bing?" 

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