Seth MacFarlane Declared the Worst Oscar Host Since Whoever the Last Oscar Host Was

THE INTERNET—Following this year's Academy Awards, on the one day a year when all journalists, bloggers and twitter users become comedy experts, the online community has officially declared the event's host, Seth MacFarlane, to be the WORST OSCAR HOST OF ALL TIME, taking the place of whoever it was that hosted the Oscars last year.

Despite clearly being given a fair chance by all online critics, MacFarlane's performance was ultimately dismissed as crude, offensive, sexist and a DISASTER after he finished telling his first joke. 

"McFarlane was without question the worst host of anything in the entire coarse of human history" explained Jake Friedman, a contributor for a website you've never heard of, "to me, his performance that I only half paid attention to while tweeting about how much he sucked, was just lazy and uninspired... but also super offensive and totally despicable."

Critics like Friedman were also unimpressed by McFarlane's failure to be as good as those who hosted prior to him and who they now only vaguely remember.

"The Academy Awards are supposed to be a classy affair, I think, maybe" said Jamie Steele, probably from or something, "he didn't even compare to the great Oscar hosts like Billy Crystal... or, wait didn't I say that he was the worst last year? Ahhh... I mean he was certainly no... umm... Johnny Carson? I don't remember what he did either, but I'm sure he was way better than whichever guy I saw most recently."

Despite being described as misogynistic, Anti-Semitic, racist, smug and everything else people were planning to call him as soon as they found out he was going to host, MacFarlane actually managed to briefly entertain some people before they found out he was the WORST HOST EVER.

"I thought he was pretty good when I watched it live, I mean, not great, but it was fine for an awards show" said one viewer who made the mistake of watching the show without being on the internet, "the next morning when I read the news on my phone I realized how TERRIBLE and OFFENSIVE it was... I just hadn't noticed because I hadn't been watching all of his jokes out of context and filled with rage."

Although the online community has agreed that MacFarlane will definately go down in history as the very worst Oscar host and probably the most evil person since Hitler or Ricky Gervais, most have acknowledged that at least he isn't as bad as whoever the next Oscar host is.

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