Local Man Drops Out of Watching All 8 Harry Potter Movies after Injury Suffered in LOTR Half-Marathon

YOUR REGIONA local movie lover disappointed his friends this week when he dropped out of their Saturday movie-marathon plans with mild fatigue and leg cramps.
Joel Stevens, a 22 year old student at a local education facility, was all set to spend this weekend with his closest friends watching the entire Harry Potter saga from beginning to end, before unexpectedly having to cancel on them with less than a week's notice.
“I decided to do a little preparation for the weekend, so last night I dug up my DVD collection and picked out my Lord of The Rings set” Stevens explained “I was missing Return of the King anyways so I decided to just watch the first two and not the extended versions so it was really just a half-marathon.”

Despite a solid start, the effects of Stevens’ lifestyle soon caught up with him. For the past month, Stevens had spent most of his time out of the house getting fresh air and exercising, and had neglected to watch any movies or TV shows. 
 “At the beginning of the Fellowship I felt really good, I was comfortable, I had a clear head- I felt like I could keep watching forever" Stevens revealed  "But by the time I hit the first scene in Towers, I was done. First my legs started to seize up from staying still for so long, and then a few seconds later I got so tired I couldn't keep, my eyes open so I had to go to bed after only 190 minutes of screen time… god, I was a mess.”
The next day, Stevens said he was unable to even look at his computer screen without feeling the previous night's effects, leading him to call his friends and cancel on Saturday. He tried to convince them to do it another time, after he had recovered, but they refused his request.
“We’ve had this plan for a long time and it was to watch all 8 in a row, starting at 6am Saturday and ending at 2am Sunday” explained HP Marathon co-ordinator Matt Greenberg “Joel obviously just didn’t take this event seriously enough. Training for the first time a week before the Marathon? That won’t cut it; you have to make time to prepare your body for something as gruelling as this.”
Stevens says although he understands their decision to not re-schedule, he is still disappointed. He plans to work hard for their next movie night and if that means having to quit school in order to train to watch all 5 Planet of the Apes next month, that’s a risk he’s willing to take. 

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