Thanks to Twitter Campaign, Anaheim Ducks Sign Teemu Selanne to Six Seasons and a Movie

ANAHEIMUnrestricted free agent Teemu Selanne put an end to all speculations about his future early last week by signing an amazing first-of-its-kind deal. The signing will not only see the 42 year old winger returning to Anaheim this season but it  will soon see him appearing on a Hollywood big screen for the first time ever.

The unusual deal is reportedly the result of an online social media campaign inspired by fans of the NBC sitcom Community, in which Ducks fans used their leftover #sixseasonsandamovie twitter hashtags to convince GM Bob Murray to re-sign Selanne.

Murray, an avid follower of his team’s twitter account and a big fan of Hollywood, soon became aware of the online movement and was immediately excited by the opportunity to re-sign his oldest and somehow still best player to a-once-in-a-lifetime contract.

“When we first went into talks with Teemu we we’re just expecting to give him a one year contract and take it season by season” Murray told the media today “but then I saw the movement to lock him up for six and a movie and I knew that it, like all online petitions, would the most sensible move for our club”.

Although the details of the deal have only surfaced recently, the sports world is already abuzz about the news with the story appearing on the bottom screen ticker of almost half of yesterday’s MLB coverage.

“I think it’s great that they managed to pull this deal off” commented southern California’s resident hockey fan, Greg Sanders, on "SaveTeemu", a blog dedicated to saving Selanne from having to endure a peaceful and happy retirement, “I think he can still be a solid player for the next six years and then there’s the movie, I mean, I love Teemu as a hockey player but I’ve always thought that he would work best as a feature film”.

According to the contract, the team financed “Teemu Selanne Movie”, will be a throwback to the team’s Mighty Duck days with Selanne expected to star as a retired NHLer who has to teach a group of rag-tag kids how to play hockey and although they don’t win anything, they have a fun time and become the best of friends. The movie is said to be based on Teemu’s real life experience with the Ducks last season.

“I’m really excited, finally all these years of playing hockey have led to an actual career” explained Selanne upon receiving the news, “I've been toiling away here for years but I think now I might actually become a minor celebrity in this town.”

As for Murray, he is reportedly also pleased with the deal, so pleased in fact, that he is in the process of making several other television inspired changes to his organization. Rumours suggest that Murray has expressed interest in replacing current Coach Bruce Boudreau with his younger and hipper cousin and is already in talks to give third-line defenseman Luca Sbisa his own spinoff next year with their minor league affiliate Norfolk Admirals. 

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