Photo Quiz: Celebrity Tattoos

Think you know which celebrity has which tattoo? Take this quiz and find out!

1. Who's Tattoo is it?

A. Samuel L. Jackson 

B. Denzel Washington 

C. Mike Tyson 

D. Dakota Fanning


B. Denzel Washington

Denzel is such a big fan of Mike Tyson, he had his face tattooed on his arm!

2. Who's Tattoo is it?

A. LeBron James

B. Jesus Christ

C. Anakin Skywalker

D. George Clooney 


B. Jesus Christ

Although it's never mentioned in the bible, this photo of Jesus being interviewed by basketball reporters proves that he had a "Chosen 1" tattoo on his back!

3. Who's Tattoo is it?

A. Megan Fox

B. Angelina Jolie

C. Courtney Cox

D. Other


D. Other (Denzel Washington)

Denzel is such a big fan of the 2008 Action Thriller "Wanted" that he had his chest tattooed to look like the lead female character's back!

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