Contest: Win Lunch with the President!

Enter the SuperWhizBang! Obama Lunch Contest!

How to Enter:

1. While at dinner with President Obama ask him if he wants to do lunch some time.

2. Videotape his reaction to your proposal and post it on YouTube with the title "SuperWhizBang!'s Lunch with the President Contest Entry:" followed by your name, address and social insurance number. 

If your tape shows that Mr. Obama has accepted your offer and meets our professional cinematography expectations, SuperWhizBang! will arrange a lunch outing between you and Tim Johnson, Chicago's third best Obama impersonator for your "Lunch with the President".  

Deadline is September 6th, 2012. 

*Tim Johnson is not officially Chicago's 3rd best Obama impersonator, he just watches CNN all day / everyday since he got laid off from his job** and is now pretty good at mimicking the president
**Since Tim has no money to speak of right now, you will have to pay for his lunch

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