Prince Harry Narrowly Avoids Controversy by Shedding Nazi Costume

LAS VEGASThe Royal Family has managed to avoid any controversy this week after Prince Harry was very nearly photographed wearing a Nazi Uniform for the second time in his life.

According to sources in Las Vegas, the youngest son of Prince Charles was attending a costume party at Wynn Las Vegas Hotel where he was almost photographed in his incriminating costume while playing a game of "Hitler Billiards".

Thinking quickly, the 29 year old prince made sure to rid himself of all his clothes (as well as those of his fellow female guests) before anyone could snap a picture.

Of course, Prince Harry had famously been photographed in Nazi garb before, at a 2005 costume party, and is relieved that this time he has not stirred up any negative press with only a few blurry, unrevealing nude pictures appearing in tabloids.

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