Kim Kardashian Escapes Paparazzi Cameras in Order to Tweet Photo of Herself

NEW YORK—Only moments after being surrounded by a swarm of paparazzi sticking cameras in her face and invading her privacy, Kim Kardashian was able to escape into her apartment where she could finally be alone and take a picture of herself.

“The media is just so relentless... I have cameras following me 24/7” explained Kardashian to one reporter, “Sometimes I just want a break, do something that I want to do, something silly like take my own picture... and then send it to 16 million strangers."

Kardashian went on to explain that between the taping of her reality show and spending all her free time in public in New York and Los Angeles, she hardly ever has time to be alone with her desperation for attention.

"When you're always in the public eye, it's easy to forget what you truly care about in life" Kardashian revealed, "I can't always just rely on other people to take pictures of me, if I do I might lose the unhealthy craving for attention that made me a star in the first place."

As a result, Kardashian says that she tries to take iPhone photos of herself at least once a day, not only for her, but for every one of her fans who absolutely need to be updated on how she looks every time she goes swimming.

"My Instagram photos really allow me to express a side of myself you don't see in magazines or tabloids" told Kardashian, "sure I still always have make-up on and I do an unnatural pouting face in all of them, but these pictures have a much worse resolution."   

According to Kardashian, the struggle that she's had with the paparazzi has really taken a negative toll on her once private and blissful life.

“All this constant attention is something that’s really been troubling me” Kardashian further confided to the media about the cost of fame. “Having the world watch my every move and judging me, not being able to go anywhere without all these cameras following me… I think it’s really going to be a major focus of next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians… you guys are getting all this, right?”  

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