North Korea Named “Greatest Country on Earth” According to North Korean Report

PYONYANG—The North Korean Free Press revealed a new poll this week which has revealed North Korea to be the number one country on the planet according to 100% of North Koreans.

The poll, which offered a choice of every country in the world (expect for unrecognized nations like Israel, the United States and for some reason Sweden) came out with results proving that every single voter surveyed selected “the glorious nation of North Korea”.

"It doesn't surprise me at all" commented one of the voters, "with our recently reported victories in the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and World War II, how could we lose?"

This is just the latest in a series of unanimous polls from the NKFP (North Korean Free Press) including Pyonyang being voted the world’s “Most Livable City (as long as you don’t complain!)” and Kim Jong Un being declared the globe’s “ONLY Influential Person” by their entire readership.

Although these ratings have not matched the similar surveys of other nations and international institutions, North Korea has retained it's honours across the globe for it's baffling self pride, narrowly beating out the United States for the top prize.

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