8 People You’ll Meet On Every Ski Trip (If You Belong to the Ridge Valley Ski Club)

If you've ever been on a ski trip (and it's through the Ridge Valley Ski Club) you know that there are a lot of characters up on those slopes! 

Here's a list of 8 people you will DEFINITELY meet on EVERY (Ridge Valley) ski trip! I'm sure that everyone (who belongs or has belonged to the Ridge Valley Ski Club) will recognize a few of these classic ski trip personalities!

1. Dave

Dave is the Ridge Valley Ski Club President. It’d be hard to go on a ski trip without meeting him, he’s the one who collects the checks.

2. Linda

Linda is Dave’s wife. You’re definitely going to meet her, she’s highly involved with the Ridge Valley Ski Club as well.

3. Parker

As a dedicated member of the Ridge Valley Ski Club, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll run into Parker at some point.

4. Randy

How could you not meet him? He’s always around. Probably because the Ridge Valley Ski Club is a big part of his life.

5. Cindy

Cindy is that person who's at every single ski trip (in the Ridge Valley area) and will constantly be saying things like "Hi, my name is Cindy", that sort of girl, you know?

6. Mark

You know the guy who always wears that blue jacket and rides around on skis like a competent skier? That's Mark and yep, you're definitely going to meet him.

7. Jason

Lots of people call him “Jace” but either way you're going to meet him, he's a very social person which makes him fit in well at the Ridge Valley Ski Club.

8. The Guy Who Wipes Out Right Away

Yep, you’ll meet this dude every time. The Guy Who Wipes Out Right Away admittedly is a strange name but he’s highly involved in the Ridge Valley Ski Club and as a former regional skiing champion, he’s always looking to give pointers.

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