9 Stunning Wedding Photograph Watermarks That Will Blow You Away

As every photographer knows, snapping that perfect, magical moment of a couple for their wedding is a really, really easy thing to do. I’m sure that any professional wedding photographer would admit that it only actually takes a few seconds to take a nice photo and that they just spend the rest of the time twisting the lens around, pretending they’re earning the money you’re giving them.

What is really difficult however is securing that perfect watermark. You know, that one crystal clear, absolutely stunning piece of Photoshop magic that will cover the photo with your name and ensure that people have to pay you a lot of money if they don’t want to look like a rube while sharing it Facebook.

Here’s a look at some of the most amazing, gorgeous, stunning wedding photo watermarks you will EVER see. They will absolutely blow you away!


Amazing! Not only is this watermark really creative with a ring instead of an 'o' but it's placed perfectly so that no one can really enjoy the photo properly! Beautiful!


Nice! It's such a gorgeous watermark it just had to be stamped four times!  There'll be no downloading this straight from the internet! You're going to have to contact Michelle directly and pay for the full 'Precious Memories' package!


This one really takes your breath away. I just can't stop staring at that beautiful cursive writing! It really let's you know the photography company's name!


Simple, yet oh so perfect! An absolutely stunning watermark!


Subtle and gorgeous! Perfectly focuses the eyes away from the couple and towards the corporate logo!


One of the best examples of letting you know this is not the finished, legal version of the photo that I have ever seen! A masterpiece of a watermark!


Great colours and composition, this watermark steals the show!


God, I'm speechless! This says it all and couldn't be more beautiful! I can't imagine anyone posting this on Facebook without at least a dozen comments about the amazing watermark covering their friends faces!


Words can't even describe this watermark. It is absolute perfection. 

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