Olympic Athletes to Spend Next Two Weeks Training for Closing Ceremonies

LONDONAfter a long and tedious opening ceremony this Friday in London, participating athletes in the 2012 Olympic Games were hoping to have some time to rest. Unfortunately for them the Olympic committee has insisted that they spend the next two weeks participating in a variety of activities to prepare them for the games closing ceremonies.

“I know that opening ceremony was quite the ordeal, but we can’t let our athletes lose focus- the closing ceremony is only a couple of weeks away” explained the games chairman, Sebastian Coe, “we’ve prepared a lot of fun games for them in the coming weeks and we hope it can keep them both mentally and physically focused.”

Included in these activities are survival skills such as swimming, shooting and a variety of hand to hand combat exercises as well as some other made-up games like Handball and Water Polo.

In order to ensure that the athletes don’t take these events too lightly, the committee has offered little gold, silver and bronze trinkets as prizes for their efforts.

“We understand that people are excited for the closing ceremonies, I mean, Take That, One Direction and maybe even a Spice Girls Reunion, its clearly going to the highlight of the games, but we still have to get through the next two weeks” Coe continued, “we think people are going to enjoy watching these little games a lot, well at least more than whatever else is on TV during the summer.”     

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