US Army Recruits "Call of Duty All-Star"

USAOne of the greatest players in the history of the “Call of Duty” video game franchise has been given the opportunity to turn his favorite hobby into a dangerous full-time job.

Braden Alderman, an unemployed 24 year old from San Diego who’s been playing the franchise since it was first released, is the first person to be discovered through the army’s new video game monitoring division.

This military division was first assembled last summer in response to a decline in military involvement by young people combine with an alarming increase in the purchase of first person shooter games. Since then the US Army has used the Patriot Act to monitor Xbox Live results looking for soldiers.

Alderman, or as he’s known to the online community, BigShotCowboyXxx, first came onto their radar after winning 200 straight team deathmatches, but quickly disappeared again by using the radar jammer perk. The Army was impressed not only with his ability to kill but also his dedication, as they tracked his time played at exceeding 125 hours a week.

Alderman was contacted by the army a short time later and initially refused their offer but after speaking to his parents it was agreed he would join.

Now that he has completed basic training Alderman is set to be shipped to Afghanistan, but made a final plea before his departure. 

“Kids, don’t waste your time playing video games like Call of Duty”, he urged, “play NFL 12, at least it might get you drafted into the NFL”.

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