NBA 2K13 to Feature New "Be an Owner" Mode

NEW YORK2K Sports revealed new information about the latest edition of their popular basketball franchise this week, which included details about an exciting new game mode that allows players to vicariously own a professional sports team.

According to a 2K press release, in the “Be an Owner” mode players will be able to select from a variety of billionaire owner types ranging from self-made entrepreneur to semi-insane oil tycoon to degenerate wealthy rapper, and then take control of any NBA team they wish.

As owner of their team, players will not be in control of any on the court issues including strategy, rosters or anything to do with the actual games, but they will have the power to do just about anything else they want.

Sign lucrative sponsorship deals, throw lavish parties for yourself, give your team new uniforms, threaten to move your team to some ridiculous location (like Memphis or  Oklahoma City!), replace your entire coaching staff with former NBA players who will ruin your team- as an NBA team owner you can do whatever you want (except play basketball).

Or, you can do absolutely nothing, either way, you can still take full credit for any success your team has and blame any failure on your GM, coaches and players. 

Want extra excitement? Well, the "Be an Owner Mode" also allows you to get together with your fellow owners every couple of years and lockout your players. You can then experience hours and hours of virtual labour talks from the comfort of your home! 

2K hopes this new game mode will bring in countless new players to the franchise who always wanted to play the game but felt that it would be too time consuming or difficult to play themselves. Players don't even need to know anything about sports, they can just hit start and watch their money grow while players, fans, coaches and general mangers work tirelessly. 

Already predicting huge success for the new game mode, 2K is currently developing a similarly themed "Be a Commissioner Mode" for 2K14, which will give gamers the chance to rule over the NBA with complete authority, making up their own rules and vetoing any trade they don't like with a "basketball reasons" button, all on their way to becoming as hated by the public as possible.

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  1. Anonymous15/9/12

    Just curious if 2k 13 revealed that how come i didnt see that anywhere at that time where did you here that at. That they are revealing a new feature called Be a Owner mode for NBA 2K 13 ?